Freedom’s Just Another Word …

This Chap will get to that in a minute … … but first things first. Did you ever think how real, how prophetic all of this was 50 years ago .. and I definitely wanted to make sure you saw this clip from Easy Rider that the other chap posted just now. Repeating it – because it … Continue reading “Freedom’s Just Another Word …”

Massaging The Data

Still, it’s all for a worthy cause… And that worthy cause would be?> Well, making fun of Florida of course, like the graphic says. Graphics don’t lie….


This Chap Is … PROUD … to be a long time fan, supporter and promoter of Apple, for the past 15 years  … and counting. Maybe a post on how that came to be would be in order. Now adding to that, also proud … not to be a US Citizen. I am ashamed – … Continue reading “Proud”

Oh Yeah – He Did That

Listening to Kushner, Trump, Flynn et al over the past few months – and then again today, well – this chap was rather reminded of this exchange from some years back. Interviewer: He nailed your head to the floor? Vince: At first yeah Presenter: Another man who had his head nailed to the floor was … Continue reading “Oh Yeah – He Did That”

Spot of Banter, Old Chap?

When this Chap entered his current professional employ … … he was handed a two-page list of acronyms and the like. And it suddenly hit him that there, as with (perhaps) many professions, entire communications could be conducted in a language entirely impenetrable by outsiders — Asked to describe how he could improve his work, … Continue reading “Spot of Banter, Old Chap?”

Patented Pizza Box

… whilst on the topic of Apple Spin Offs … Pizza Boxes. Anyone? Apparently – the pizza box was patented 7 years ago. This chap must really pay closer attention to the news. Important – This is NOT #FakeNews !  

Expense – All Relative

As you read the news and ogle at the oligarchs with seemingly far too much money to burn – consider this. Time was when everyone thought that the Apple Watch was an expensive accoutrement. NO longer. It is now officially a bargain. For you – yes you – too can have an hour glass for … Continue reading “Expense – All Relative”

Now I’m Not Comparing …

… but this Chap happened to come across what ‘The Leader of The Free World’ wrote in The guest book of The Holocaust Survivor’s Museum in Israel back in 2008. And then what Trump wrote when he dropped by this week. In case you can’t make it out – some other chap (ess?) made it … Continue reading “Now I’m Not Comparing …”

Prez & Co Meet Pope & Co

Well, this is awkward… Oh, come on — a little English fairness here, please. You make them look like something from some minor horror movie. Can’t you at least make them look a little less alone and out of place? Whatever you say…

Being English

The Other Chap Spotted This … This Chap Recognised The Humor … but suggests that the cartoonist is in fact not fully steeped in The old  ‘Lingua Anglais’ …. otherwise they would have known that we never travel solo. Sigh… Happy now? Resemblance is uncanny, though…