How Could This Chap Not Share? .. and did you know that ‘Owen Wilson’ is an anagram of ‘Wow Neilson’?

Many People Have Second Jobs

The Chap Does Enjoy ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ It’s a podcast thingy – and an excellent one at that – delivered by the  QI team. Here’s what this chap learned … U2’s producer sells CDs in KFCs In Indonesia. Shut Up! No. I’m telling you! Here. Proof. In the NYT no less. I mean … Continue reading “Many People Have Second Jobs”

My Funny Bone Was Attacked

This Chap Received An EMail Yesterday It was in response to a dialogue that a few of us had had and consisted of a single line … Planning to have some further thoughts across the coming weekend. This chap was excited responding … I love how you can ‘plan to have thoughts’ ~ even defining … Continue reading “My Funny Bone Was Attacked”

A Pedantic SOB

… or just a chap trying to get things right. This is the question for the day. This Chap Was Happy To Publish .. this on one of his other sites. It’s a tiny little rant on accuracy in reporting, Even yet another chap … not the other chap … nor yet another chap – no … Continue reading “A Pedantic SOB”

Dear Students – What You Post Can Wreck Your Career

This chap happens to write occasionally for these chaps – and through the interwebs today came a fluttering an article entitled … Dear Students – What You Post Can Wreck Your Career Naturally, the chap had something to say – but resisted his immediate response – going with a more serious angle – saving the … Continue reading “Dear Students – What You Post Can Wreck Your Career”

The Thing Is … Things Are A Thing

The route to arrive at the name of this publication was long and tortured – and in some ways driven by URL availability … you can tell that when you realize that we are @ .co not – they are another thing entirely … well not exactly entirely … It is in all honesty … Continue reading “The Thing Is … Things Are A Thing”

Spotted – So Sharing (5)

Eight ‘snippets of snark’ … and every single one is Trump related, so depending on your personal predilection read on – or move on. The Best Autocrat … you know we can never resist a good cartoon … but the article is pretty good aswell … Trump is the best autocrat. The best. Nobody has a better … Continue reading “Spotted – So Sharing (5)”

Spotted So Sharing (4)

… it’s amazing how many things pop up and makes you think … whaaaaat? Not My Problem Who knows what problems exist in the world that we don’t even consider. Well, we now know that it is big enough for Volvo to set out to build a ‘kangaroo detection system’. Cat Videos And you thought … Continue reading “Spotted So Sharing (4)”