Customer Service Redux

It’s An Epidemic I wrote about my recent experiences with Comcast last week. Turns out, that as I was engaging with Comcast, Doc Searls was engaging with Dish Network. And just as I was writing  … Comcast could make this happen in an instance. It is called process. They know when their services are down, […]
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Contrasting Thoughts

Are We Wu or Wei? I just published this. It must be a day of conflicting ideas … this one revealed two alternative views as to why Net Neutrality is (or is not) important to the individual. (BTW – this house believes Net Neutrality is rabidly important.) Now, this post is about satisfying your inner […]
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It’s Net Neutrality Day

Make Sure Everyone Knows Curiously, some of the people I think SHOULD be supportive of Net Neutrality are not … Just Amongst The Dave’s Here’s Dave Winer on why he thinks Net neutrality is an issue for a set of big companies relative to another set. Users don’t have a reason to support one … […]
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Does Comcast Have A Suggestion Box?

Just in case they do … … here are two thoughts for them More Proactivity with keeping customers happy when things go wrong. This would include actually reading what customer send them. Here is an example of what that mean where I compare Customer Service at Comcast to Alaska Airlines. (This not a Comcast staff […]
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Clickbait – Good Enough For Forrester’s CEO

Shameful Here’s the link – don’t bother with the click through. It opens … It needs the company’s AI software Watson in its fight against Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. because apparently Apple is in a death match … Well I – and many others – would disagree. In common with the rest of the […]
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Attention To Detail

It really is important to understand how stuff works rather than blindly using it …. doubly so if you are a professional … no?
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Platforms And Tesla

Both topics dear to my heart My thanks to my friend Louis for sharing this link … which is called ‘Why Tesla Is Worth More Than GM’. It mentions Tesla 12 times and the word platform 3. The whole article centers on how platforms will / are going to rule the world .. no argument there […]
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Some Things Take Time

No – not this This I wrote this just over 4 years ago and talked about Apple moving to becoming a direct service provider. And here we are 4 years later – and Apple is still not a direct service provider … except – did you spot that Virgin Mobile Partners with Apple to Go iPhone-only …
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Answering The Wrong Question

Argument over argument over argument … this just a selection from the past few days. Techpinions – iPad Pro: You do You! Josh Topolsky – ‘Inferior to a Laptop in Almost Every Way, Unless You Like to Draw’ Matt Gemmell – Laptop Replacement Gruber – ‘Your’ vs. ‘My’ Arguably – Frasier gets the closest … …
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