He’s Still Got It I know this has been out for a while – but – well it is a long story. Suffice to say, been spinning it for a couple of days now. Awesome. No review here – there’s plenty around. But I do have an observation. Roger’s lyrics – and specifically his ‘lyrical […]
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What Does It Mean To Be A Fan

Spotted On Some Social Media Board Somewhere: A picture from an old Pink Floyd concert – entitled ‘Pink’ Entitled … I see what you did there! The Response, Just Below It: “Which one?” The Response, Just Below That: “Which one’s what?” … which got this chap to wondering. He happens to know the Pink Floyd … Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Be A Fan”

Man versus Bus … Man Wins

Observing That This … A man was hit by bus as he crossed a road – but then dusted himself down and walked into pub … you have to click through and watch the video … good grief Reminded Me Of This

Steven Wilson Takes A Detour …

… or does he. This little ditty from his next album was released this week … and the usual armchair critics are already weighing in – as I type, just shy of 70,000 views and already there are nearly 500 thumb downs … to give you a comparison – two other tracks off his next album […]
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The Chord Turned Upside Down

Welcome to the dark side … No, not Aussie music, not that there’s anything wrong with the convict heritage… This Chap is actually very partial to Midnight Oil, in particular… … whose polemic against corporate exploitation of both natural resources and people with no other choice came some 27 years ago! .. and I assume … Continue reading “The Chord Turned Upside Down”

The Duckworth Method

Must say, this chap is not much of a man for cricket … but he does know his Duckworth Lewis Method. Which is strange really – unless you know of this. Now this chap realizes that it doesn’t truly stand up to incredible musical scrutiny – but it just so happens that this chap is … Continue reading “The Duckworth Method”

Justifiable Listening

This chap has been doing some binge watching recently. Just finished the first series of a show called Justified. I know. I know. So I am behind, but boy do I love that theme tune …. But as you listen to it – does it remind you in anyway at all of another TV theme? … Continue reading “Justifiable Listening”

Tears To My Eyes …

No. I am being serious. Who would have thought it. Not so much from the performance, though I have to say it is rather good – but the reaction from the boys. I know – it is over 4 years ago .. but time is irrelevant. BTW … an awesome review of the performance and … Continue reading “Tears To My Eyes …”