Tears To My Eyes …

No. I am being serious. Who would have thought it. Not so much from the performance, though I have to say it is rather good – but the reaction from the boys. I know – it is over 4 years ago .. but time is irrelevant. BTW … an awesome review of the performance and … Continue reading “Tears To My Eyes …”

Wheels Within Wheels

This Chap happened to catch This Video yesterday .. … as you do. Still don’t get the beard – but heh – if it works for Dave – this chap is good. Wheel Number One … It wasn’t planned – turns out that Neil Young was going to do this – but had to cancel … Continue reading “Wheels Within Wheels”

Pooling Our Money Is Another Word For Tax

  In the US we always try to make everything fit into a market. But some things resist that treatment. For example, if it were to snow two feet tonight in NYC, how would you treat that with market economics? When I go out my front door, would I have to contract with a shoveler …
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The Gig Economy

… as observed by The Onion. Pro – amongst others … Fairly efficient way to compartmentalize human beings based on market value Con – amongst others … Still more costly than slavery Enjoy it all here …..
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Work-Life Balance Is The Wrong Way To Look At It

I read this in the UK’s Independent newspaper yesterday. The 44 year-old tech billionaire, actively involved in the mission to get to Mars and potentially live there, is said to be working an impressive 85 to 100 hours per week to achieve its goals. It’s a good article – and indeed I am a big …
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Twitter Idea

I read ‘8 Mistakes That Immediately Make You Look Like a Social Media Newbie’ today. (Don’t worry – I have removed all the usual UTM tracking crap.) My eye caught number 4 in particular: 4. A lopsided follower/following ratio. If you’re a brand or an influencer, it doesn’t look good when you’re following ten times more people than …
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Trump Replays King Lear — Redux

Tom Tomorrow came up with this “Honest Trailer” version of Trump’s televised Cabinet meeting. (Which, as we commented before, is already an eerie reprise of “King Lear,” Act 1, Scene 1.)

Spotted – So Sharing (3)

Who knew how much you all were missing out on before we kicked off this new category of posts … basically a collection of ‘Many More Things’. Leaking Like A Collander GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters .. maybe it is the conspiracy theorist in me – but … Continue reading “Spotted – So Sharing (3)”

Mashing Up The Mashups

The Chaps are no stranger to mashups … … indeed, they are rather fond of them. But the term, as we understand it, typically refers to examples, even exemplifiers, of the same medium being melded together. And we do agree — just because one can does not mean one should. However — that’s not what … Continue reading “Mashing Up The Mashups”