Many People Have Second Jobs

The Chap Does Enjoy ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ It’s a podcast thingy – and an excellent one at that – delivered by the  QI team. Here’s what this chap learned … U2’s producer sells CDs in KFCs In Indonesia. Shut Up! No. I’m telling you! Here. Proof. In the NYT no less. I mean … Continue reading “Many People Have Second Jobs”

It Isn’t Normal

Sorry – The Chaps Are A Bit Distracted What with ‘concrete grooving’, ‘goat building’ and ‘supping’ … ‘normal’ service will be resumed as soon as possible. Proof, if proof is needed, that we do not make our stuff up …. Watch this space, to learn the intricacies of how the people of Yorkshire build goats. … Continue reading “It Isn’t Normal”

My Funny Bone Was Attacked

This Chap Received An EMail Yesterday It was in response to a dialogue that a few of us had had and consisted of a single line … Planning to have some further thoughts across the coming weekend. This chap was excited responding … I love how you can ‘plan to have thoughts’ ~ even defining … Continue reading “My Funny Bone Was Attacked”

Contrasting Thoughts

Are We Wu or Wei? I just published this. It must be a day of conflicting ideas … this one revealed two alternative views as to why Net Neutrality is (or is not) important to the individual. (BTW – this house believes Net Neutrality is rabidly important.) Now, this post is about satisfying your inner […]
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It’s Net Neutrality Day

Make Sure Everyone Knows Curiously, some of the people I think SHOULD be supportive of Net Neutrality are not … Just Amongst The Dave’s Here’s Dave Winer on why he thinks Net neutrality is an issue for a set of big companies relative to another set. Users don’t have a reason to support one … […]
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He’s Still Got It I know this has been out for a while – but – well it is a long story. Suffice to say, been spinning it for a couple of days now. Awesome. No review here – there’s plenty around. But I do have an observation. Roger’s lyrics – and specifically his ‘lyrical […]
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A Different Kind Of Company …

.. Or A Peek Into The Future? Interesting read … and I for one doff my cap to anyone that can achieve this. Massive kudos. In the reading, I happened to note three things … 1) Valuation : Over $1 Billion 2) Revenue : $80 Million 3) Total Staff Count : 700 Which means that […]
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More Attention to Detail

This Time It’s Bugs This post from Dave Winer makes for a fascinating read – and allows you to get your inner geek on … two extracts … But my code was erroneously constructing the permalink by smashing together the hour, month and second. And How could one make such a mistake you might ask? A […]
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