It’s Micro Monday Follow Day. Click through – it’s a list of micro bloggers that have made it to the ‘filed for posterity’ quote wall. Each of them well worth ‘properly’ following ….The Original Post On My Stream

Idly watching a show online …’The Rebel – Simon Callow’ (?) ”What’s your problem Charles … didn’t the sexual revolution reach Glasgow?” ”Oh sure sure .. but I was in Dundee at the time.” Just tickled my funny bone.The Original Post On My Stream

I’m confused. If the subheading is true ”Tourism is increasingly oriented toward and designed for the rich. Then the headline: ”Traveling is an elitist nightmare.” is because of bad design or their confused ‘orientation’. Either way easily fixable. No? Read The ArticleThe Original Post On My Stream

Could Apple’s lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear? Oh – I don’t know – how about ‘no’ – and now go write about something you know about?The Original Post On My Stream