Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

This Chap Reporting On Some Fine Words … … from even yet another chap that is not the same as this other chap – nor indeed yet another chap that kicked off all this ‘yet another chap’ malarkey. I think the chaps are going to have to come up with a more logical ontology to … Continue reading “Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy”

Seriously, We Are Doomed …

… And Someone Needs To Talk This Chap Off The Cliff Public Policy Polling has a new poll out that – well – read for yourself. Only 45% of Trump voters think Donald Trump Jr. met with Russians last year to discuss their offer to help his father win the election. And 32% say it … Continue reading “Seriously, We Are Doomed …”


How Could This Chap Not Share? .. and did you know that ‘Owen Wilson’ is an anagram of ‘Wow Neilson’?

CustomerTech For Tech People

Edge Cases Are Real I just had to switch servers, one that has a lot of parked domains. That meant going to three different registrars (I know I have to consolidate) and entering the new IP address in place of the old one. Why haven’t we created another level to DNS that lets this just […]
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Customer Service Redux

It’s An Epidemic I wrote about my recent experiences with Comcast last week. Turns out, that as I was engaging with Comcast, Doc Searls was engaging with Dish Network. And just as I was writing  … Comcast could make this happen in an instance. It is called process. They know when their services are down, […]
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Culture Is A Club

Boy George Knew That 34 Years Ago Culture Is A Club : Gaping Void writing about it today. Culture Is A Club : Boy George singing with them then.
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Well What Happened There Then

This Chap’s Jaw Just Dropped Remember This? Fake News Apparently … Read On! The Chaps responsible for the distribution of fake news. Quel chagrin. Have to say, this Chap is also a little disappointed the BBC did not go with a proven replacement… Knowing, as this Chap does, the other Chap fairly well, the reader … Continue reading “Well What Happened There Then”

Words To Live By

I’m Trying There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; No disease that enough love will not heal; No door that enough love will not open; No gulf that enough love will not bridge; No wall that enough love will not throw down; No sin that enough love will not redeem . . […]
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Did Verizon Get Hacked?

Or did they sell their customer’s phone numbers? Or maybe the completion of the Yahoo acquisition has triggered something? Whatever it is – until today I had never received a single piece of spam as text through my phone … and maybe one spam phone call every couple of months. Today, I have received 7 spam […]
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