What Is Income?

I Think It Is Any Monies That You Receive …but actually, as we well know, this isn’t how the US Tax Code sees it. This today from Frank McPherson … Many people think Americans pay more taxes than other countries, which is not true. Many Americans pay more taxes than other Americans, and it’s not […]
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It’s All About Context

This Chap Notes That The Other Chap … is posting some new stuff over here. (Explains why he his so lackadaisical with his duties here, but that’s altogether another thing … I will be having words. Anyway, to my point … this one dropped over the weekend – nice little read … very solid, nicely structured … … Continue reading “It’s All About Context”

Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch

No, really … With all the tragedies and dramas going on in the world these days, this chap was concerned that one small personal tragedy was not getting its due consideration — its fair shake, if you will. So please consider this, for a moment: Rupert Murdoch, owner of most of … all of? … … Continue reading “Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch”

This Is The 21st Century … Right ?

I ask because we invented the CRT in 1897. CRT Monitors were in wide military use during the 1950s. The Plasma screen appeared in 1964. LED screens first took to the stage in 1977. The internet got started in the 1960s. In 2015, ITC estimated that 3.2 billion people had access to the internet. And … Continue reading “This Is The 21st Century … Right ?”

Cause For Sadness?

Spotting A Post From Flowing Data This Morning …my highlights Source – Flowing Data …my concerns … we need to – teach people to tie more stuff – pay more attention in maths classes – be finding out who – exactly – is interested in picking locks. It might save some future police time. But … Continue reading “Cause For Sadness?”

Sign Of The Times

… no not the President saving flood victims – but that people are so gullible that a site likes Snopes has to specifically fact check the story. Good Grief! Now, if they’d somehow ‘shopped Melania’s FLOTUS-visiting-flood-zone heels in as well… I did comment at the time that these seemed highly appropriate elevation devices for navigating … Continue reading “Sign Of The Times”

Happy (Celebrated) Labor Day!

Or Just Cut Out The Fat? Meanwhile on a more serious (yet related) note – even yet another, another, another chap pointed this chap in this direction . Good stuff … no?

Turn It All The Way Down To One

This Chap Stumbled Upon Eric – 1968 Eric Clapton interview and guitar demo 1968 from Robb Navrides on Vimeo. around 1 minute and 45 onwards … reminded him of … or is it just me?