People: ‘JK’

‘JK’ was born in Eastern Texas – ‘where there are trees and orchards’. From there she moved down to Corpus Christie … showed me photographs of the Ocean and Beaches that she could step out to from the restaurant she worked in.
Gorgeous, what took you there from East Texas?
“My boyfriend.”

“I have moved a lot, so when he suggested it, I was hesitant, but he pushed, he had a great opportunity and said that when we moved, we wouldn’t be doing the lifting, moving and driving, we were going to pay someone else to do all that. Nobody had ever said something like that to me before. How could I refuse?”
So great boyfriend, great career opportunity, beautiful new place and town to live in …
.. and yes, she had moved again. Away from the Ocean and Beach. Away from her new home. Leaving behind her new life and was now working in a very different kind of place, in a very different part of Texas.
Turns out she wasn’t even with her boyfriend anymore.
He was everything she could have wanted, but it wasn’t to be.
It was Thanksgiving. She and the children were at her mothers waiting for him to join them. She called. No answer. Eventually, she got word.
He was just 37 when he had his heart attack and died. Thirty Seven. Leaving behind her, her ten year old and his two young teenagers.
She was worried that she might not see his children anymore. They had gone back to ‘their family’, she meanwhile has headed north to her family, the only ‘close’ people she had left in the world. But essentially, she was still alone and all after being shown the possibility of a brighter new future, only to have the rug whipped out from under her. In her mind, she had nothing left.
She met another woman at her new place of work. Instant connection. ‘Two sisters from different misters’. Support immediately given. Unconditionally. They have been inseparable for nearly a year. Just a month ago, they were driving in the city and as she looked out through the car window, the cloud lifted. In her words, it was nothing short of an epiphany. As she looked at the view, truly seeing for the first time she knew at that moment it was time. Time to live again.
She still misses her partner and his children, the ocean, the beach, the life that he had promised and that they had started, but she is getting through it thanks to her ‘BFF’ – a true friend without who she couldn’t have done any of this.
I met her friend. As always, never far away, even at work.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

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People: Brad

Brad studied and graduated in Aerodynamics and then went on to work in Florida, before moving to Virginia as an Aeronautical Engineer.
And then he ‘had the rug pulled out from under him’.
I assumed that he was the casualty of some corporate down-sizing or reorganization, but no…
“I met a girl, and then she said ‘Hi’.”
… and at a stroke, he started his life again, moving to the other side of the continent and then training as an actor and getting work over a period of many years.
He naturally progressed to Director with his last production being mounted just two years ago – after he had started his novel which which was published in 2015.
His engineering background directed the back drop for his SciFi novel where he explored a number of themes based in what Brad called ‘bleeding edge and real science’.
Longevity was one of those themes.
The book is set 400 years into the future, both Moon and Mars are colonized and people now routinely live to 200 years old and during that life-time they may have three or four careers. In Brad’s world, it is routine to qualify and work in one discipline and then start all over again in another, and another throughout life.
I can’t help feeling that as an aeronautical engineer-come-actor-come-director-come-writer – not to mention quite a few other ‘careers’ as part of his life’s journey that the book was perhaps semi-autobiographical.
”There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
Aldous Huxley

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People: Alan and Margaret

Alan from the mid west, Margaret from the East Coast, met, married and started a family in Ohio.
Alan was someone who lived by the rules, so it took ‘Madge’ to show Alan an advert for a job opportunity in California.
Alan wasn’t sure but applied anyway. He got the job and the two of them moved their lives 2,500 miles away.
They had children and grand children and all the while, Alan whilst moving jobs, played by the rules and kept a single career in Banking. The whole family all still live in California
Alan retired and continued into his retirement with the rule book at his side. He didn’t say if he ‘got the gold watch’.
And then he hit 70. Something stopped inside of him. Something started inside of him. The rule book was dispatched to the garbage can.
He is now 72. Their house is sold – as are most of the furnishings. The rest sits in storage. The two of them travel. Everywhere. Together. They just got back from Portugal. She would have stayed there. He needed to come back first. They still might move.
Life is changing around them faster than ever – but just as when they were in their twenties, it’s Madge who is ahead in the thinking. Alan just needs to catch up. I think he will.
“I said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.”
Lou Reed

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