A Start to Solving The People Centered Economy

Vint Cerf and David Nordfors in their new book ‘The People Centered Economy’ introduced an idea that started to examine a new way of thinking about work – putting people at the center – not corporations …. much as I talk about with ‘The Business Equation’
You can see the start of some of my takeaways and words of wisdom that I am collecting from their book here.
And then I read this …
Where Your Job is Most Popular
I found this an interesting piece of analysis … BUT …
… imagine if the jobs weren’t specific ‘task driven’ jobs that we go do today … but rather passions that ‘we the people’ had, the things we really want to do and imagine that on the other side, the equation is balanced with what ‘buyers’ want – I don’t want someone to mow my lawn …. well actually I do, but I want that person to have a passion for there outdoors, who loves wildlife, who
Its the first example I have found ‘in the wild’ for system to deliver what Cerf and Nordfors describe.
What do you think?
Is it really the start of a possible solution to matching what you love to do with people that want to buy what you love that you do?

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