We Are Thinking About The Future Of Work All Wrong

Stowe Boyd writing today in his newsletter:

“I am ambivalent about authors making too grand a case in favor of finding meaning and purpose through our work. Note that I personally am driven to do the work I have decided to do. On the other hand, I also deeply believe that our culture — especially in the US — is far too cultish about work, and that many people would gladly work significantly less if they could afford to.”

I agree – except I don’t.
In simple terms, it’s already hard to find an income you can survive on in the world we live in … to add ‘meaning and purpose’ to the ’requirements seems a stretch too far … under the current system.
But, what if we reinterpreted the system. What if we created a business equation that had people at the center – to business. What then would it all look like.
It’s a big topic, but I am taking it on … it’s what People First is all ABOUT.

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