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… to my online world. The following links will get you to the most important places I have there. At the very end there is a link to the whole enchilada.

People First

People First … it’s about People. Go figure. For now, you will primarily find stories that are catalogued as ‘Travels without Charley’, but behind the scenes I am building frameworks and arguments that seek to are people how they could – indeed should think and work with and around an ever louder corporate narrative.


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The Core Sites

LifeStream (think of what you might find on a Facebook wall, I don’t do that, this is instead – with a whole lot more power.

Words | Pictures | Sounds

Each site contains mainly what the site says …. want words – go to words … you get the picture! …

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LifeStream | Words | Pictures | Sounds


Early days for Podcasts, but we are getting there.

PeopleCast @ PocketCast and PeopleCast via RSS

WordPress Sites

Beyond Bridges … has a lot of pages that I am in the process of reorganizing. So not much in the menus at the moment, but there is a good history of blog posts dating back to 2010.

And Another Thing is a site I run with my good friend Graham Watson – a place where a couple of chaps just say things. Gets them off our chest. It’s a little low on new content – but that is more to do with time than anything less to say.

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People First and Beyond Bridges – Links To Come


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