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… to my online world. The following links will get you to the most important places I have there. At the very end there is a link to the whole enchilada.

Before reading on click here if your are looking for The People First connections.

The Core Sites

LifeStream (think of what you might find on a Facebook wall, I don’t do that, this is instead – with a whole lot more power.

It runs on an IndieWeb Solution called Micro Blog. Think of it as an aggregator and syndicator all rolled into one. Anything I write on my various blogs (7 at the last count) is aggregated into this stream. Anything I publish here directly is syndicated to LinkedIN, Tumblr, Mastodon and Twitter.

<<<< Here are the last ten postings to My Micro Blog

Words | Pictures | Sounds

Each site contains mainly what the site says …. want words – go to words … you get the picture! …

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LifeStream | Words | Pictures | Sounds


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Early days for Podcasts, but we are getting there.

PeopleCast @ PocketCast and PeopleCast via RSS

WordPress Sites

Beyond Bridges … has a lot of pages that I am in the process of reorganizing. So not much in the menus at the moment, but there is a good history of blog posts dating back to 2010.

People First … it’s about People. Go figure. For now, you will primarily find stories that are catalogued as ‘Travels without Charley’, but behind the scenes I am building frameworks and arguments that seek to are people how they could – indeed should think and work with and around an ever louder corporate narrative.

And Another Thing is a site I run with my good friend Graham Watson – a place where a couple of chaps just say things. Gets them off our chest. It’s a little low on new content – but that is more to do with time than anything less to say.

Just Good Music … call it a public service for the Micro Blog community!

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People First | Beyond Bridges | And Another Thing | Just Good Music


More Twitter accounts than are good for me. The key ones listed below – others include ‘The Taxi Chronicles’ and ‘All Things Hawaii’.




Just Good Music



Apple News

… though having some problems there at the moment.


People First and Beyond Bridges – Links To Come


That which I want to share appears in RSS streams – such as here.


John Philpin- Biz Catalyst360


Yes, I use it – but really nothing to share, since the worthwhile stuff all appears in this twitter stream.

Apple News


I go there. I play around, but really not too much to see,


Last – and very much the least – in terms of my opinion of them as a company. I removed myself 5 years ago and came back in June, 2019. You won’t find much about me there, I am really looking at using it as an amplifier for the work I am doing around People First.

I’ve got pages and groups there … which I might get round to listing here one day.

Keyword Tags

Sometimes a simple check on ‘interest tags tells you a lot – these are mine …

✓ ad tracking / adtech / martech
✓ apple / mac
✓ art / arts
✓ blog-o-sphere
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✓ change
✓ communication / communications
✓ connecting
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✓ learning
✓ literature / reading
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✓ new power – new values / old power – old values
✓ people
✓ philosophy
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✓ self sovereignty
✓ social networking / social media
✓ solving
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✓ thought / thinking
✓ transformation
✓ transparency
✓ travel
✓ trust
✓ value / values

… and no, rugby, soccer, baseball, hockey, cricket, skiing, tennis et al have not ‘accidentally’ been left off the list.