Playing Around

John had this pop into his feed today … … and it is rather good …. but it reminded him of this one … which I he thinks is rather better – and demonstrates a stunning range that this chap has not heard anywhere else. Any takers? If you like Guthrie … click through: Famous … Continue reading “Playing Around”

Touché to the Cliché (sic)

“Our search for a successor will focus on finding a digital-first, disruptive and innovative leader who can build on Dana’s legacy and mobilise breakthrough marketing in a rapidly changing global consumer landscape.” John … … is impressed. Ten cliche’s in a single sentence. Is that a record? Not a record, not even a CD, just … Continue reading “Touché to the Cliché (sic)”

Socrates Redux

John is well aware that … … sometimes these dialogues live on beyond the publication date, even when there are just two chaps chatting. That is why the chaps are trying to work out how to not lose that spirit, but at the same time make sure our esteemed readers also benefit from the ‘chap … Continue reading “Socrates Redux”

How we are Programmed

Every time we went to the supermarket, my mom would give me a quarter to play Pac Man. As a good socialist kid, I thought the goal of the game was to help Pac Man, who was stranded in a maze and needed to find his friends, who were looking for him. My games didn’t …
Continue reading “How we are Programmed”
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John maintains that he has … … never met a meta that he couldn’t meet half way. So let’s try this on for size. Turns out a few more people are reading these offerings? rants? debates? diatribes? monologues? things? … whatever they are … … lets go with things – consistent and on brand! … … Continue reading “Meta”

No Point, That’s The Point

As a kindness to the Other Chap, John thought… he would assuage Graham’s evident fears of sinister machines by demonstrating others simply quaint in their pointlessness. This one mainly just protects itself, in the best non-violent tradition. while these just — well, see for yourself. Rather sweet, really. Hope this helps, OtherChap. The Other Chap … Continue reading “No Point, That’s The Point”

Jonesing towards Bethlehem?

… before we get going, this chap would like to point out the possibility that though our readers might have heard of Alex Jones and Infowars, they might have missed out on his recent Performance Art defence. In itself – arguably – some of his best performance art. Then of course, this chap is not the expert … Continue reading “Jonesing towards Bethlehem?”

Socratic Angst

Graham is concerned about Socrates … … well, not Socrates exactly. But it starts with him. Unexamined is one thing, but what if the exam already took place without our knowledge? This chap continues with the fear that if the Unexamined status were ended right now, he might actually fail… Or considered another way — … Continue reading “Socratic Angst”

Little Known Religious Figures #5

… St. Schrodinger John remarks … that whenever he sees ‘Schrodinger’, he often reads Schroeder Graham responds … (because that is what us chaps do) go on … well – you know how Schroeder is always playing that toy piano? turns out that he is not the only one …. James, Lars and the rest … Continue reading “Little Known Religious Figures #5”