Something In The Water?

…. or maybe it’s just the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love? John noted that … … the other chap posted this. Which garners inspiration from a certain Beatles album that also celebrates 50 years this year. Which is not so much odd … as – well odd. You see I had this one … Continue reading “Something In The Water?”

Has Harry Found Another Direction?

John was listening You? Listen? … john was listening to a Rolling Stone podcast last week with Cameron Crowe talking about Harry Styles. Very good BTW. So I thought I would check out his new single. Very good BTW. Not sure why he hasn’t released a video (at least that I could find) …. but here … Continue reading “Has Harry Found Another Direction?”

Still No Words ….

The Gatling Continues O’Reilly No – not the sexual predator that just got fired from Phaux news. Nor indeed the esteemed book publisher. No. No – the Auto Parts people … Did you know that on their site it is possible to try to buy and ‘EB Enterprises Flux Capacitor’ … you didn’t? Go take … Continue reading “Still No Words ….”

There Are Just No Words

… to explain some of the stuff we unearth. But unearth we do – and share we must. If you are keeping count … … you will have noticed that this chap is delivering posts today faster than a Gatling … and yes he recalls back then writing; … we are done with guns for now. Well, … Continue reading “There Are Just No Words”

Playing Around

John had this pop into his feed today … … and it is rather good …. but it reminded him of this one … which I he thinks is rather better – and demonstrates a stunning range that this chap has not heard anywhere else. Any takers? If you like Guthrie … click through: Famous … Continue reading “Playing Around”

Touché to the Cliché (sic)

“Our search for a successor will focus on finding a digital-first, disruptive and innovative leader who can build on Dana’s legacy and mobilise breakthrough marketing in a rapidly changing global consumer landscape.” John … … is impressed. Ten cliche’s in a single sentence. Is that a record? Not a record, not even a CD, just … Continue reading “Touché to the Cliché (sic)”

Socrates Redux

John is well aware that … … sometimes these dialogues live on beyond the publication date, even when there are just two chaps chatting. That is why the chaps are trying to work out how to not lose that spirit, but at the same time make sure our esteemed readers also benefit from the ‘chap … Continue reading “Socrates Redux”

How we are Programmed

Every time we went to the supermarket, my mom would give me a quarter to play Pac Man. As a good socialist kid, I thought the goal of the game was to help Pac Man, who was stranded in a maze and needed to find his friends, who were looking for him. My games didn’t …
Continue reading “How we are Programmed”
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John maintains that he has … … never met a meta that he couldn’t meet half way. So let’s try this on for size. Turns out a few more people are reading these offerings? rants? debates? diatribes? monologues? things? … whatever they are … … lets go with things – consistent and on brand! … … Continue reading “Meta”