Fifty Years – A Lot Can Happen.

I was delighted to guest on Randall Rospond’s Manao Radio Show yesterday. Fun as always. Thought I would share the interview with some of the songs we played from The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s and Pink Floyd’s First Album – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I chose those two albums since Sergeant Pepper’s is inextricably …
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Recorded 50 Years Ago Today

This Chap … Participated in a radio show yesterday, where he was thinking about The Summer of Love, Sergeant Pepper’s and Piper at the Gates Of Dawn. They are all connected – and if you want to reflect on this chap’s reflections – then you can pop over here and listen, read and absorb – would love to … Continue reading “Recorded 50 Years Ago Today”

What Jobs Do You Want Back?

This Chap Noted That … Robert DeNiro’s recent speech, reported on here in the Guardian … included the observation that Charlie Chaplin would not be allowed into the US today due to Donald Trump’s immigration policy. It reminded this chap of the intersection between Chaplin … pun intended? .. his beliefs and the call by … Continue reading “What Jobs Do You Want Back?”

The Record Company

This Chap Found Himself Watching A Spot Of TV … … as you do. These chaps suddenly appeared on screen – and through the speakers. Suffice to say – had to share.

Trains … Not Really Obsessed

This chap would argue … .. that no post linking Trains to music is complete without this offering … (featuring the ‘epic string break’) That said – this chap also felt 1) that he had already interrupted the other chap enough in the last post … and 2) that there are enough versions of this … Continue reading “Trains … Not Really Obsessed”

Obsessed, Part II: Trains

The Story So Far: In Part I, Graham picked up a scent of obsessions in rock music and got on the trail… It started with words, but he stumbled over something bigger. He really should pay more attention to where he’s going. I didn’t know where I was going, at the time. Well, there you are then. … Continue reading “Obsessed, Part II: Trains”

Obsessed, Slight Aside …

… as this Chap notes … … Dan Brown’s, er, epic story (?) is now the least desirable donation to at least one of the UK’s charity shops. You remember — dastardly intrigue among Vatican and other types, who successfully set out to eliminate any readable matter from the very opus itself, leaving it a rewarding read only … Continue reading “Obsessed, Slight Aside …”

Obsessed Part I: Words

It all started with a Talking Head … … or ‘heads?’ This Chap became aware during that last piece that there are obsessions afoot … I see what you did there. … in rock music. But where to start? Maybe with the ones that came up previously, and go from there. Words. We were talking … Continue reading “Obsessed Part I: Words”

There’s A Word For It…

Words don’t mean a thing… … continued Talking Heads, in “Give Me Back My Name.” Of course this Chap disagrees … who .. i ask you … who? could have guessed that. This popped into mind when this Guardian article  raised the issue of terminology for the post-divorce, IVF and same-gender marriage world of non-binary … Continue reading “There’s A Word For It…”