We Just Want To Do Something We Love

Sally Thornton : Forshay : 2015 Stowe Boyd posted this today   – referencing and quoting a wikipedia article talking about Ikigai first published December 2008, although the graphic Stowe used seems to have come from here …. highlighting a similar (identical?) diagram here – what do you think? That said, The Toronto Star Article contained a quote …
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Posterity Publication

Just for the record, when the below refers to “the other Chap,” that’s some other other chap. Not this other Chap. The Chaps usually meet in public anyway. Well, the public, to be strictly accurate. Now that’s settled…  This chap met with the other chap last week. It was a good meeting. During our time … Continue reading “Posterity Publication”

All Our Yesterdays

… trust me they aren’t as good – or innocent – as we think. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. Tom Robbins – Still Life with Woodpecker “Happy,” maybe — but what about “scary” … … this Chap wondered? Because in a casual cruise through the wilds of Imgur, Cough – you … Continue reading “All Our Yesterdays”

F’get About It. We Have It Covered.

Guardian – Chris Riddell 29th Jan, 2016 The Guardian’s diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour has reported that the US president told Theresa May in a phone call that he does not wish to go ahead with a state visit if large-scale protests will be held against him. BBC’s Joe Lynam added that Downing Street said there … Continue reading “F’get About It. We Have It Covered.”

At Last, The Truth

This Chap is proud to note… …a rational, albeit unintentional, upside to the POTUS 45 farce. So that’s that, then.

Let’s Look Back, But Not In Anger!

The Chaps are readying themselves for a bit of a transition. But we hope you won’t notice. Anyway, in anticipation, this chap has been looking around the site and thought he would share some links to some posts that have been updated since they were originally published. We think improved – but really that’s your … Continue reading “Let’s Look Back, But Not In Anger!”

The Open Web

The Open Web and Why I Can’t Support Facebook … There is a lot written about the open web versus the closed – and how most people can’t tell the difference. An excellent piece from Alt Platform  …  describing how readers specifically – my personal favourite is Feedly – could do so much more to …
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I Feel Sorry For Wisconsin ..

.. and Georgia actually. Wisconsin? Well take a look at the map. But Georgia? Turns out that Google are highlighting the fact that they can’t spell ‘Gray’. Well now – along with the stuff us chaps have rambled on about in the past – sometimes it is difficult to apply global rules to local issues. … Continue reading “I Feel Sorry For Wisconsin ..”