Personality Crises

Lou Reed “Hurtful To Trans People” A Canadian student group apologized for playing “Walk On The Wild Side” at a campus event. Apparently Reed’s description of the evolution of some of his friends in Warhol’s trans stars … Holly came from Miami, FLA/Hitchhiked her way across the USA/ Plucked her eyebrows on the way/ Shaved … Continue reading “Personality Crises”

What About People?

‘Spotted this in my feeds today … You can find the original here – along with the associated article by ‘Chief Martech’ Scott Brinker. Anyone spot the problem? Before reading on – Scott’s excellent piece about Amazon’s acquisiton of Wholefoods is not what this article is about. Though I will probably extend that on another …
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Spotted – So Sharing (1)

… you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ – now that IS interesting – I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it – BUT – our readers might be interested. That’s why we thought to introduce a new category that we are calling  ‘Themed Things That Thundered’ … at … Continue reading “Spotted – So Sharing (1)”

Two Hundred

no not ‘180’… for our American readers, that’s an English reference that the chaps can explain if there is interest. Meanwhile – back to the plot. Two hundred. that is how many posts the chaps have delivered since we launched with number one on The 20th December 2016. That is a lot … we can … Continue reading “Two Hundred”

I Didn’t Know That …

… Did you know that ? In the UK “trump” has been another word for “an especially loud fart” since the early 15th century, with the first known documented instance appearing in 1425. The word “trump” appears to have previously entered the English language sometime around the 14th century in reference to blowing a horn. … Continue reading “I Didn’t Know That …”

Sprinklers? We Got Towels!

Hey, it’s not like government has money to burn. And just because we don’t live there doesn’t mean we don’t care. The 24-story now-burned Grenfell Tower in West London had a recent facelift. Not, apparently, because it needed it, but because the wealthy residents around it — local authority housing in a poor enclave in one of London’s richest boroughs … Continue reading “Sprinklers? We Got Towels!”

So THIS is a Bit of An Experiment

Apparently by writing this post – now that I have WebMention installed, this post will also appear as a comment here … If I understand this correctly.
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True Fiction, Or Fictional Truth?

Or, ‘The Selective Shaksper’ … or ‘Billy Wagglestick’ as my English class had it .. Not that this Chap wishes to tout other social media … … but there’s a suspicion at this end that if POTUS45  and Co had to declare their relationship to objective reality and declared fiction, it would appear as ‘It’s … Continue reading “True Fiction, Or Fictional Truth?”