Two Hundred

no not ‘180’… for our American readers, that’s an English reference that the chaps can explain if there is interest. Meanwhile – back to the plot. Two hundred. that is how many posts the chaps have delivered since we launched with number one on The 20th December 2016. That is a lot … we can … Continue reading “Two Hundred”

The Record Company

This Chap Found Himself Watching A Spot Of TV … … as you do. These chaps suddenly appeared on screen – and through the speakers. Suffice to say – had to share.

Trains … Not Really Obsessed

This chap would argue … .. that no post linking Trains to music is complete without this offering … (featuring the ‘epic string break’) That said – this chap also felt 1) that he had already interrupted the other chap enough in the last post … and 2) that there are enough versions of this … Continue reading “Trains … Not Really Obsessed”

You Didn’t See It Here First …

… probably, since it went up a day ago and has already garnered over 3.5 million views …. Still. Public Service. It’s What We Do. … well sometimes. It’s an excellent way to spend twenty minutes. And twenty minutes is a lot shorter – and in some ways even funnier – than Mel’s 1 hour … Continue reading “You Didn’t See It Here First …”

Iron Shirts

like this? John is amazed … … by how many of the techniques described in this short educational video that he knew already – and in fact at one time in his life, had developed a substantial practice of same. Or was that in another life? Didn’t we promise somewhere that we’d never send out … Continue reading “Iron Shirts”

I Do Like A Good Romantic Comedy

The Chaps do enjoy looking at things a little differently, which is why this chap though he should share this particular take on The Silence of the Lambs. Imagine if you will Anthony and Jodie playing it as a RomCom.

Has Harry Found Another Direction?

John was listening You? Listen? … john was listening to a Rolling Stone podcast last week with Cameron Crowe talking about Harry Styles. Very good BTW. So I thought I would check out his new single. Very good BTW. Not sure why he hasn’t released a video (at least that I could find) …. but here … Continue reading “Has Harry Found Another Direction?”

Strategy Maps

I have followed Simon Wardley for a while now – and have to say – it is tough to get into the essence of his work – but this video does it like no other introduction I have seen. Well worth a watch.
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