What Jobs Do You Want Back?

This Chap Noted That … Robert DeNiro’s recent speech, reported on here in the Guardian … included the observation that Charlie Chaplin would not be allowed into the US today due to Donald Trump’s immigration policy. It reminded this chap of the intersection between Chaplin … pun intended? .. his beliefs and the call by … Continue reading “What Jobs Do You Want Back?”

There’s A Word For It…

Words don’t mean a thing… … continued Talking Heads, in “Give Me Back My Name.” Of course this Chap disagrees … who .. i ask you … who? could have guessed that. This popped into mind when this Guardian article  raised the issue of terminology for the post-divorce, IVF and same-gender marriage world of non-binary … Continue reading “There’s A Word For It…”

United, They Stand — Still…

…as the epitome of corporate arrogance, disregard of any idea of customer service, and understanding of “optics.” Sure, they’re trying hard to change that image. Meantime, there’s this:  

Whitehouse Listed On AirBNB

McSweeney’s – and This Chap – notes that … … the residence is rarely occupied, so why not? Indeed. Afterall, it would be one of the less egregious things he’s done From the estimable McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.   Description Beautiful colonial home on the Potomac in VERY popular shopping/tourist/rallying district. HUGE yard designed by the late … Continue reading “Whitehouse Listed On AirBNB”

Juxtaposition In Your Stream

This chap has always argued that context is paramount. Take this for example …. … how much more meaningful the top tweet is in the context of the bottom tweet. Naked Porch agreed.

Do You Feel Like We Do?

no – not the song … … it’s a real question. Now I can’t possibly list all of the lies, fucks ups, reversals, conflicts of interest and embarrassments Trump has committed in a hundred days … I’d have to stop half way through and shave. Bill Maher

Something In The Water?

…. or maybe it’s just the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love? John noted that … … the other chap posted this. Which garners inspiration from a certain Beatles album that also celebrates 50 years this year. Which is not so much odd … as – well odd. You see I had this one … Continue reading “Something In The Water?”

Still No Words ….

The Gatling Continues O’Reilly No – not the sexual predator that just got fired from Phaux news. Nor indeed the esteemed book publisher. No. No – the Auto Parts people … Did you know that on their site it is possible to try to buy and ‘EB Enterprises Flux Capacitor’ … you didn’t? Go take … Continue reading “Still No Words ….”