John maintains that he has … … never met a meta that he couldn’t meet half way. So let’s try this on for size. Turns out a few more people are reading these offerings? rants? debates? diatribes? monologues? things? … whatever they are … … lets go with things – consistent and on brand! … … Continue reading “Meta”

Jonesing towards Bethlehem?

… before we get going, this chap would like to point out the possibility that though our readers might have heard of Alex Jones and Infowars, they might have missed out on his recent Performance Art defence. In itself – arguably – some of his best performance art. Then of course, this chap is not the expert … Continue reading “Jonesing towards Bethlehem?”

Little Known Religious Figures #5

… St. Schrodinger John remarks … that whenever he sees ‘Schrodinger’, he often reads Schroeder Graham responds … (because that is what us chaps do) go on … well – you know how Schroeder is always playing that toy piano? turns out that he is not the only one …. James, Lars and the rest … Continue reading “Little Known Religious Figures #5”

The Choler of Politics

The Chaps do admire a piece of witty snark … … especially combined with sharp observation, as regular readers may have noticed. So we could not resist this recent restaurant review. Equally, we could not resist this little write-up on Texas politics, especially written by a real journalist of the caliber of Barrett Brown, either slumming … Continue reading “The Choler of Politics”

Where Art Meets Science

And the chaps would like to congratulate Mr. Kris Marshall – who will be playing the 13th incarnation of ‘the other’ doctor. .. the “Other Doctor” — that is, Chap, notes that … … he did in fact know the Seventh Doctor, who as Mr McCoy, held the UK record for “ferrets-down-the-trousers” … and that … Continue reading “Where Art Meets Science”

Adventures In Brand Suicide

Graham is shocked … … to see what some people think is good for their brand. PEPSI: Oh God, this is the worst corporate PR disaster ever. UNITED: Hold my beer… “What were they thinking?” For the last few days, social media has been like an echo chamber — or something by Philip Glass or the Chainsmokers — … Continue reading “Adventures In Brand Suicide”


Food. We all eat it. In fact – we all need it …. but strangely enough, the chaps haven’t wandered this way in their deliberations. ‘appen. Does drink count? … only if educated in basic arithmetic. This Chap Is Changing That … … with this bit of a zinger delivered via the Guardian, courtesy of … Continue reading “Ouch”

Flying The Friendly Skies

So long, United, and thanks for all the memes. John says … you see how clever the other chap is in playing off this chap’s position …. in case you missed it – that comment above the cartoon at the top was a reference back to last night’s email … which in turn played off … Continue reading “Flying The Friendly Skies”

Shocking … But True … Part 2

Graham goes on… John says … Finally – I mean part one was four days ago … and in case you missed Part 1, it is here. Can’t rush literary craftsmanship. Well, actually, can and maybe should. But anyway… To recap: Stanley Milgram, a professor at Harvard, ran experiments in the ’60s … so glad … Continue reading “Shocking … But True … Part 2”

Careful When You Complain

The Other Chap Spotted This … … but left this chap to comment. So comment, this chap will. It being, of course, often tricky to persuade the Other Chap to comment… But first, a side note … I think this chap was left to comment since he is one that oft drops pen on paper … Continue reading “Careful When You Complain”