No Point, That’s The Point

As a kindness to the Other Chap, John thought… he would assuage Graham’s evident fears of sinister machines by demonstrating others simply quaint in their pointlessness. This one mainly just protects itself, in the best non-violent tradition. while these just — well, see for yourself. Rather sweet, really. Hope this helps, OtherChap. The Other Chap … Continue reading “No Point, That’s The Point”

Socratic Angst

Graham is concerned about Socrates … … well, not Socrates exactly. But it starts with him. Unexamined is one thing, but what if the exam already took place without our knowledge? This chap continues with the fear that if the Unexamined status were ended right now, he might actually fail… Or considered another way — … Continue reading “Socratic Angst”

The Chaps’ Challenge

The chaps are well aware that the posts are attempting to be a dialogue. Heh – I used the word ‘attempt’ – we know we aren’t there yet … but still – check this out. Here’s the chaps’ challenge … That post was originally dropped onto the site back in early January. We rapped. We … Continue reading “The Chaps’ Challenge”

The River No Longer Runs Through It

In October of Last Year I wrote : For a while now, I have been building a parallel set of thoughts which now has a permanent home here. It is a set of thoughts that live between the 140 characters of Twitter and this space which I am transitioning to more of an original thought / essay …
Continue reading “The River No Longer Runs Through It”
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