Trains … Not Really Obsessed

This chap would argue … .. that no post linking Trains to music is complete without this offering … (featuring the ‘epic string break’) That said – this chap also felt 1) that he had already interrupted the other chap enough in the last post … and 2) that there are enough versions of this … Continue reading “Trains … Not Really Obsessed”

Obsessed, Part II: Trains

The Story So Far: In Part I, Graham picked up a scent of obsessions in rock music and got on the trail… It started with words, but he stumbled over something bigger. He really should pay more attention to where he’s going. I didn’t know where I was going, at the time. Well, there you are then. … Continue reading “Obsessed, Part II: Trains”

Obsessed, Slight Aside …

… as this Chap notes … … Dan Brown’s, er, epic story (?) is now the least desirable donation to at least one of the UK’s charity shops. You remember — dastardly intrigue among Vatican and other types, who successfully set out to eliminate any readable matter from the very opus itself, leaving it a rewarding read only … Continue reading “Obsessed, Slight Aside …”

Obsessed Part I: Words

It all started with a Talking Head … … or ‘heads?’ This Chap became aware during that last piece that there are obsessions afoot … I see what you did there. … in rock music. But where to start? Maybe with the ones that came up previously, and go from there. Words. We were talking … Continue reading “Obsessed Part I: Words”

There’s A Word For It…

Words don’t mean a thing… … continued Talking Heads, in “Give Me Back My Name.” Of course this Chap disagrees … who .. i ask you … who? could have guessed that. This popped into mind when this Guardian article  raised the issue of terminology for the post-divorce, IVF and same-gender marriage world of non-binary … Continue reading “There’s A Word For It…”

You Didn’t See It Here First …

… probably, since it went up a day ago and has already garnered over 3.5 million views …. Still. Public Service. It’s What We Do. … well sometimes. It’s an excellent way to spend twenty minutes. And twenty minutes is a lot shorter – and in some ways even funnier – than Mel’s 1 hour … Continue reading “You Didn’t See It Here First …”

Iron Shirts

like this? John is amazed … … by how many of the techniques described in this short educational video that he knew already – and in fact at one time in his life, had developed a substantial practice of same. Or was that in another life? Didn’t we promise somewhere that we’d never send out … Continue reading “Iron Shirts”

Ah HA! A New Take On Take On Me

It’s all about the editing … Remember when us chaps were rapping on how a different cut can totally change your view of a movie. Click through … the other chap extended this chap’s thoughts with another cut. ‘Raising the stakes’ as he would have it. Anyway, to remind you of the Norwegian’s Ah Ha … Continue reading “Ah HA! A New Take On Take On Me”

Having “The Talk”

That first parent-child “chat” can be awkward… so many myths and misunderstandings. Fortunately, quantum computing can be explained simply.

Net Neutrality

This Chap Is Just Experimenting. Oracle and Cisco side with the ‘stop net neutrality team’ … quelle surprise! Supporting an overhaul of net neutrality is less about taking a political stance for Oracle and Cisco and more about boosting the bottom line, experts said. Both companies have major business interests in the telecommunications industry. Read … Continue reading “Net Neutrality”