Smart Devices? Absolutely …

… but you need to think outside of the box. This chap got to thinking today … … about a podcast by Mike Pesca last week. Sorry – I can’t recall which one, but as I have said before – you should be listening to him anyway. In this one, he got on to the … Continue reading “Smart Devices? Absolutely …”

In Our Defense

Graham was involved with an artist … … and it seemed like fun at the time. However, the lady had patterns (!). Her creativity (lost-) waxed and waned with the moon, or the tides, or (not putting too fine a point on it) her menstrual state.  The Chap somehow turned, during such seasons, from Adonis to … Continue reading “In Our Defense”

Want Power? Try Powr.

I run a number of domains, both for friends and myself. In my own suite, I have Beyond Bridges, which is this site – my prime business site and blog. Of course, everyone needs their own personal domain … you can find mine at – but at the time of registering that domain, I …
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Maths – There Should Be More Of Them

It is not lost on this chap that … … in the US, one studies Math, whilst in the UK, one studies Maths. Now, not to be pernicity, but I do think the English have it since it is clear there are many Maths that can be studied. Take this exchange for example – which … Continue reading “Maths – There Should Be More Of Them”

Joan Baez Rocks Maui

This article, written by Rick Chatenever, was first published on the Maui News. Read it in full here. Wearing a black T-shirt with the label “Nasty Woman,” she sang her first song to the “Nasty Man” now occupying the White House. It was a blistering condemnation, echoing many revelations coming out of the so-called fake-news media — only hers …
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Call Center Efficiencies

True Story … That moment when you dial a number – and are left hanging on the phone for 11 minutes and 25 seconds … and just as you get excited, because the music loop and announcement changes, you find yourself in another queue for 5 more minutes with similar and yet somehow different marketing …
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Jamie Gallo Rocks It

A little surprise popped into my inbox this morning from good Maui friend and musician – Jamie Gallo, writing  … It’s Raining here on Maui and all I want to do is jump in puddles all day long !  Rain Washes, Awakens. Through fear from within ourselves or fear from what others impose on us, …
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Is Retail Doomed – Like Apple?

This article makes for an interesting read. David absolutely knows what he is talking about – and I am absolutely no retail pro – just an observer from the outside – so it would be foolish to question his analysis. That said, I couldn’t resist building on it to try to shed light on what might …
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