Adventures In Brand Suicide

Graham is shocked … … to see what some people think is good for their brand. PEPSI: Oh God, this is the worst corporate PR disaster ever. UNITED: Hold my beer… “What were they thinking?” For the last few days, social media has been like an echo chamber — or something by Philip Glass or the Chainsmokers — … Continue reading “Adventures In Brand Suicide”

You Know You Are In Trouble …

… when you need to spend millions to protect the Secretary of Education! Touched on this topic before ….. But seriously … Of all the controversial officials in Trump’s cabinet, she is the only one to receive a security detail. … despite her brother running the ‘go to’ outsourced protection company for the Feds – why …
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Food. We all eat it. In fact – we all need it …. but strangely enough, the chaps haven’t wandered this way in their deliberations. ‘appen. Does drink count? … only if educated in basic arithmetic. This Chap Is Changing That … … with this bit of a zinger delivered via the Guardian, courtesy of … Continue reading “Ouch”

Flying The Friendly Skies

So long, United, and thanks for all the memes. John says … you see how clever the other chap is in playing off this chap’s position …. in case you missed it – that comment above the cartoon at the top was a reference back to last night’s email … which in turn played off … Continue reading “Flying The Friendly Skies”

The Chaps’ Challenge

The chaps are well aware that the posts are attempting to be a dialogue. Heh – I used the word ‘attempt’ – we know we aren’t there yet … but still – check this out. Here’s the chaps’ challenge … That post was originally dropped onto the site back in early January. We rapped. We … Continue reading “The Chaps’ Challenge”


… always one of my favorites – and yesterday I was listening to Moroccan Spirit’s ‘Moroccan Soul’ … and was reminded of it. So sharing. It’s what you do. No – not the same. Yes – both gorgeous.
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History That We Sometimes Forget

As I was sorting through and cleaning up this site, I discovered this draft post that for some reason remained unpublished. That is now rectified. I had time on my hands recently and found myself in The Marin Civic Center. It had been a few years since I was there, but was good to catch …
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Strategy Maps

I have followed Simon Wardley for a while now – and have to say – it is tough to get into the essence of his work – but this video does it like no other introduction I have seen. Well worth a watch.
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The River No Longer Runs Through It

In October of Last Year I wrote : For a while now, I have been building a parallel set of thoughts which now has a permanent home here. It is a set of thoughts that live between the 140 characters of Twitter and this space which I am transitioning to more of an original thought / essay …
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Not Here … Over There …

After this post – that the other chap initiated, we got to talking about another post that we could – and should be writing – but still haven’t. But that didn’t stop me writing this post. You might enjoy it. And no … the other post which we haven’t written is not being ignored.   … Continue reading “Not Here … Over There …”