… it might catch on. Other Chap adds… Tried for some extra English the other day. But lost the pool game anyway.

Joan Baez Rocks Maui

This article, written by Rick Chatenever, was first published on the Maui News. Read it in full here. Wearing a black T-shirt with the label “Nasty Woman,” she sang her first song to the “Nasty Man” now occupying the White House. It was a blistering condemnation, echoing many revelations coming out of the so-called fake-news media — only hers …

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The Persistence Of Memory, and the Opposite Of Truth

Graham remembers a time… No, really — and actually, he remembers lots of times. So did ‘Chuck’ Dickens Surely ‘Marcie’ Proust? But I digress… But what he actually “remembers” of course is his reconstruction and even concatenation of those times, which may make for good stories, but even with the best intent may barely resemble … Continue reading “The Persistence Of Memory, and the Opposite Of Truth”

Discovering Lost Music … And More

Graham takes a flyer… It usually falls to the Other Chap to wax lyrical about the musical arts, but as this is not much about lyrics and is a long way from traditional music,  Graham feels qualified. It was Spring 1977 when this lady first came to London …. Debbie Harry, fronting the band Blondie, was … Continue reading “Discovering Lost Music … And More”

Worried About Water

.. Graham is concerned… … that xkcd, witty though it is, has some strange wiring into the Zeitgeist. Which is all well and good, most informative. Except that today, we came across this article from the Smithsonian, with its suggestion that water has more states (phases) than simply solid, liquid, and gas, predictably dependent on … Continue reading “Worried About Water”

Gin And Tonic Pancakes

… apparently, they are a thing. Well … kind of. This Chap stumbled into this particular link over the weekend … and, he has to admit that he was initially ‘psyched’. Until he wasn’t.  His initial thoughts, shared with he that provided the original link. … you had me at Gin and Tonic Pancakes are … Continue reading “Gin And Tonic Pancakes”