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Independent Record Label For Sale

An independent record label with a ready made, integrated music license business, that has brought world class artists to film, television and advertising is ready for acquisition.

The label was one of the first to identify and provide a solution to the growing gap between cheap, library music and expensive (and hard to license) major label artists. The solution? Good rates, high quality music from independent bands (not composers), timeless songs and one-stop, ‘no-hassle‘ licensing.

With few exceptions, the label owns 100% of all worldwide publishing rights, including masters for the life of each copyright.

The catalogue spans many genres including; Acoustic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock/Pop, Alternative, Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Alt-Country, Americana, Funk, Hip-hop, Electronica and World.

Just some of the uniques …

✦ Catalog has minimal exploitation in the licensing market

✦ No Sub Publishing or Distribution Agreements

✦ Existing Agreements with the Major U.S. Film and Television Studios

✦ Timeless Music

✦ Attraction of New Artists

✦ Existing Promotional Assets
Sale of the Company also includes:

✦ Existing client database

✦ New and up to date leads in film, TV and advertising

✦ Established Search Engine currently used by the music licensing community

✦ Established website with online store (recordings also for sale on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby & other selected distributors)

✦ Contract templates for all artist agreements and accounting templates for royalties

Please email for more information